Sharing – Nine in ten female young offenders are victims of abuse, research finds

I feel like, even though this is based on UK data, that you could say something similar across all areas, and across genders as well.

“Agenda chief executive Jessica Southgate said: “The vast majority of young women in contact with the criminal justice system have experienced significant trauma and disadvantage. This can be a key driver for their offending, whether that is being coerced into crime by a partner, sexually exploited or using drugs or alcohol to cope with what they have experienced.

“In spite of that, when they then come into contact with the criminal justice system, too often the response does more harm than good or is retraumatising, such as the use of force, restraint or isolation. “

We do such a terrible job of dealing with childhood trauma, and helping the victims. This is the price we pay as a society, and the price paid by each individual survivor. Imagine how differently our world could look if we effectively supported survivors of childhood trauma?

How do we get there?


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