Website For Male Survivors 1 in 6 to Offer Online Group Therapy

Why We Should Talk About Child AbuseAccording to their latest newsletter, the site will be offering group sessions online starting in September.

Men will be able to remain anonymous and participate in the group through this chat-based service. Each group can accommodate up to 8 participants, who will sign in using a screen name of their choosing. Once signed in, they can chat with other group members and a licensed therapist in real time. To protect the anonymity of each group member and to insure their safety, each chat is screened (synchronistically) by a gatekeeper who then pushes the chat in to the group for further comment and dialogue.

We will begin this free service in September, two sessions a week, and then plan to grow the service as needed to include more sessions each week with a specific focus on unique issues faced by men from a variety of communities, such as gay and bisexual men, transgender men, men of color, men with disabilities, faith communities, and partners of men.

Obviously, since this hasn’t started yet, I can’t give you any feedback on how it works and what the sessions are like. I’m hopeful that it can be helpful to male survivors, and if you do join in the sessions in September, be sure to come back and let us know what your experience was like!

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