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Sharing – Give Yourself Credit: The Essential Habit Behind Self-Esteem

I don’t know if Steven’s technique would work for everyone exactly how he lays it out, but this is important.

“What things in life are you over-looking and not giving yourself enough credit for? There are likely a lot of “small wins” floating around that you aren’t fully appreciating and cashing in on.”

We aren’t really hard-wired to notice the stuff we do correctly everyday. The more often we do them, the more likely we pay absolutely no attention to them, and yet, we do all of them successfully and pay undo attention to the one or two things we don’t do correctly.

On the other hand if we looked at someone else, or at the world of sports, if we watched someone do something 100 times, we’d give them credit for the 95-98 times they get it right, and give them some grace for not getting it right once or twice. After all, no one is perfect.

We typically don’t do that for ourselves. We should keep better score, and that does mean counting all of the things we do right, every time.

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