Link – More than half of US adults with mental illness don’t get needed care

“Health care reform has expanded mental health care coverage for Americans, an annual report released this week suggests, but about 56 percent of U.S. adults with a mental illness still do not receive treatment.

The nonprofit Mental Health America (MHA) reported that 40 million Americans are dealing with a mental illness such as depression or anxiety. Despite new health initiatives, 19 percent of adults with mental illness in states that didn’t expand Medicaid remain uninsured, while 13 percent of these adults in states that did expand Medicaid remain uninsured.”

Simply, it’s not good enough. There are far too many people suffering needlessly because they can’t get the help that could improve their situation, and far too many people’s lives being impacted by the mental health of someone close to them.

How do we make sure this number goes down significantly?

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