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Sharing – Schema-Focused Therapy: Uses, Principles, & Techniques

In the interest of educating yourself on either your trauma and mental health issues or those of someone you love, I wanted to share this article that talks a lot about treating things like childhood trauma

“Schema-focused therapy is a type of psychotherapy that involves changing unhealthy and self-defeating behavior patterns using a combination of cognitive, behavioral, and emotion-focused techniques. In addition, there is a focus on the patient-therapist relationship, daily life outside of therapy, and the impact of childhood traumas.

This article explains what schemas are and why they are unhelpful, the goals of schema-focused therapy, as well as schema therapy techniques, benefits, limitations, and effectiveness. “

I especially identified with the section on maladaptive schemas that may have developed during childhood because I’ve always been a big believer that children growing up in abusive situations will develop whatever mechanism they need to survive and then carry those same mechanisms into adulthood instead of learning the things they should learn as kids.

That’s a maladaptive schema if there ever was one.

Read, and learn more below:

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