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Link – I Combat Self-Stigma with Books About Mental Illness

Laura’s reasoning for reading books is pretty sound:

“A lot of them also show that the darkness is not only survivable but manageable in the long term. It’s one thing to say, “I got past this and you can, too.” It’s an entirely different thing to acknowledge that the journey may be less about getting through one time and more about getting through many times. That helps chip away at the voice that tries to tell me to give up because this is forever and I can’t make it “

She also mentions later that reading memoirs helps her feel less isolated as well. That’s a big reason to share our stories in whatever format we choose, to make sure we all know we aren’t alone in this.

What about your favorites? Do you also have books that help you “combat self-stigma”?

You can even leave a review if you’re so inclined.


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