Link – Last night’s Panorama on antidepressants was propaganda, not journalism

Not living in the UK, I haven’t seen this program, but I’ve seen a few people with similar reactions, and if this is what the BBC did, it’s dangerous.

“Antidepressants -A prescription for murder? The title may be a question, but it is asking us to ponder a point that we have previously had no reason to consider. The programme was more an investigation into the background of a mass murder committed by James Holmes in the US. It was based on the actions of one person who happened to be taking antidepressants, rather than the varied actions of the many varied people who take antidepressants. Mind you, as we later learned, Holmes hadn’t even been  taking the antidepressants for some weeks before the murders took place.”

It’s dangerous to make assumptions about medications without serious research. Too many people who can be helped by antidepressants are not getting them because of lack of access and stigma about mental health already. We don’t need more scaremongering about people on medication. We need people to be free to use whatever medications help them without judgement!

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