Link – Abuse – a Societal Issue

“I too have been both disheartened and dismayed at the recent conversations I have had with others on the topic of educational campaigns, especially in relation to campaigns focussed at younger children. Comments such as the following have been made by those not willing to discuss abuse with their children:

“The childhood years are so precious and a time of innocence”

“it seems very sad that children at such tender years have to be exposed to this information which takes away their innocence and drags them into the awfulness of the real world far too soon”

“it seems unfair that to prevent abuse of a few, all children have to lose their innocence”

The attitude which concerns me most is reflected in the last comment – fundamentally, “it doesn’t happen to my child so why should I care about it happening to others”, or alternatively, “I acknowledge that abuse happens to other children but I don’t care enough to do anything about it as it doesn’t affect me or my family”.”

Again, I repeat. Given the number of child abuse reports, let alone the number we know that go unreported, there is no way anyone can say they do not know anyone being affected by it. It truly is a societal problem that requires a societal solution.

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