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Link – The Single Most Powerful Tool for Healing: Tell the Right Stories

One, this quote is spot on:

“I was able to heal because others shared stories that let me know that healing was possible. These stories gave me faith in the ability to heal and were the foundation for allowing me to do the work necessary to get through the crisis. They allowed me to see the disruption in my life and psyche not as only as a descent into darkness, but also a path to more light.”

Two, the larger part of the article is also something I think many of us are familiar with. Part of the reason abuse can be so devastating, even as adults, are the stories that we tell ourselves around it. They tend not to really be grounded in reality. They tend to be the kinds of stories we create in order to explain what is happening to ourselves as children. Things like “I’m bad”, “No one can be trusted”, “My body betrayed me”, “This must be what sex is like”, and so forth.

None of that is true, and it’s only by having more information, and more conversations that we can bring in some light of truth to those stories and learn new ones. If there’s nowhere to go with what happened, and no one else to learn from, the false stories can maintain a life of their own, and hold us back from any kind of healing.

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