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Louisiana Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs Suicide Prevention Summit

My Father in Law actually sent me a link to this. It’s a suicide prevention summit being held in Sept. in Alexandria, LA.

While I realize the readership of this blog might not include many people in the area, I wanted to share it because I think this is an important resource for anyone connected with veterans, or who wants to learn more about suicide prevention. Check your local Department of Veteran Affairs and see what kind of information they may have about suicide prevention.

And if they don’t have any programs or resources available, send them this link and “encourage” them to get something done. The loss of veterans to suicide in the US is appalling, and we should recognize that and do whatever we can to prevent it.

Even if you aren’t connected to any vets, the education on prevention can be applicable to anyone, and chances are someone you know is in danger.

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