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Sharing – More than 50,000 Americans died by suicide in 2023 — more than any year on record

There is a lot to watch from Meet the Press on this topic. The bottom line is whether we care enough to do more. There’s a lot of talk about social media and parents, but when half of everyone trying to get help doesn’t get any, we must ask ourselves how much we care.

Does American society care about mental illness or not? Right now, I would argue that our society would get a failing grade on whether we care.

That’s not to say that most of us don’t care. I suspect far more people care about this than don’t, but we have decided that other things are more important. We elect leaders who will argue for mental health care instead of gun control laws but not provide any funding to offer more mental health services. We’ve elected leaders who are more than happy to punish the most vulnerable people in society, who were already more likely to die by suicide. Leaders who don’t think women should make choices about their reproductive health, don’t care that millions of Americans go into bankruptcy due to medical debt every year, would fill the prisons rather than offer programs for addicts, and take all sorts of other actions that actively cause harm to people’s lives.

You can see why I wonder whether we care enough to do what is necessary to turn this increase in suicide deaths around when we do so much to cause damage to people and make it harder for them to have hope.

We need to do much more and be much better than this.

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