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Link – Healing can’t tell the time

I couldn’t make the Twitter chat referred to in this post last night. That time difference to the UK falls right towards the end of my work day, not great for following twitter, but I really thought what Karen wrote here is something that many of us would do well to remember when we are trying to heal:

“Healing can, and does take place of course, if it did not I would not do this job. Seeing someone move from their own valleys of darkness, into the sunlit uplands is the most rewarding experience I can imagine. Even as people recognize the progress however they can stumble and often the hurdle is around not being “finished” or “better” yet. These hurdles can perhaps be summed up as – healing cannot tell the time, the subject of our CSAQT chat this week. There are three common themes which come up when exploring this.”

Healing can’t tell the time

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