Sharing – Nearly 1 in 10 American adults, 1 in 5 teens report having depression

This isn’t something that was new during the pandemic.

“Data reflects ‘public health crisis intensifying in the U.S. even before onset of the pandemic’”

The mental health of Americans has been in decline for years. Don’t let the political talking points fool you into thinking this is pandemic related. Shutdowns, masks, social distancing, and all the other things that happened due to the pandemic did not cause a spike in mental health issues like depression out of nowhere. The spike was already happening.

This can only mean that there are things in the world, that have been going on for years, that are contributing to this spike. There is no one thing that is going to fix it. We will not see a drop as we move out of those pandemic rules and limitations back into what we did prior to 2020, because it was going on prior to 2020. The pre-pandemic world was filled with more and more people being diagnosed with depression, anxiety and other issues and filled with people who couldn’t get help.

There is so much that needs to change to quell this tide, but I’m afraid too many people just assume that “getting back to normal” will take care of it when “normal” was making it worse to start with.

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