Theoren Fleury gives Reaction after Offender’s Confession

After changing his name at least once and moving countries for the second time, paedophile hockey coach Graham James pleaded guilty to the abuse of Theoren Fleury as described in the player’s dictated autobiography Playing With Fire. Sentencing will take place in two months’ time. Two more players disclosed to Winnepeg police after Fleury made his formal charges at the start of this year.

The previously unnamed third player Greg Gilhooly disclosed as well but the charges in his case were stayed in acknowlegement with prosecutors to speed up the the judgement without a trial. The coach’s 2007 pardon was also revoked the Canadian Federal Government changed the system, although Fleury naturally believes that his government hasn’t gone far enough to protect children from abuse.

The article is here and Yahoo! Sports licensed the same article and that alternative link, with a video of Fleury’s statement is here. Also, the Calgary Herald’s summary of an argument over Twitter regarding events at Penn State has collected other related articles in its centre-right column, which you can read here.


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