Review of UK Channel Four’s The Paedophile Next Door

Last week, Channel 4 broadcast The Paedophile Next Door, in which they not only looked at the issue of child sexual abuse, but talked to a self-confessed, but non-abusing paedophile.

Phil over at the All that is Solid… blog wrote up a detailed review of what was discussed and the issues it raised.

In the interest of sharing other folks reviews of things we can’t get to, I’m going to just link to his review for your own reading. Since I haven’t seen the program, I won’t speak to the issues it raises, just leave it to those who have actually seen it.

While, I’m pointing to another person’s review of the program, I also want to take a moment and remind you that you, yes you, can submit a review to be published on this site too. Just go over to the submission page and let us know what you think!

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