Upcoming Awareness Campaigns

I’ve been getting some information on upcoming child abuse awareness campaigns that I wanted to share with everyone here.

First up, Petra Luna, a musician/artist has  declared Dec 1-8 as  Male Abuse Awareness Week.

In her own words:

“Male Abuse Awareness Week December 1st through 8th is a campaign determined to represent male victims of child abuse. Together we can break the silence of boys and men being abused, and stress that THIS topic is as important as discussing the impact of child abuse on their female counterparts. The more people are willing to discuss this taboo subject, the more likely the young males who need treatment will be inclined to step forward and finally accept the help they need and deserve.   For more information on the P. Luna Foundation and Male Abuse Awareness Week, go to help4guys.org.”


Secondly, TAALK is conducting their second  TAALK-A_THON on Dec. 10-11:

We will host a 24 hour internet radio show with guest speakers each hour covering a variety of topics related to child sexual abuse awareness, prevention and support. Hear 40+ speakers from around the world with the brightest minds and the biggest hearts. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

Check them both out!

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