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Reviews Elsewhere – 9 Of The Best Books For Social Skills Improving your life

I wanted to share this list by Charlie Mills not because it is necessarily focused on mental health or child abuse but because social skills are something that many of us living through childhood trauma didn’t get to learn as kids.

As she says –

Social skills are essential for living a full and meaningful life. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, entrepreneur, college student, or just getting started in the workforce, developing your social skills can help you to make meaningful connections and build relationships. But where do you start?

Growing up, I was timid and socially awkward. There are other reasons for this, but let’s be honest, hiding my secrets and being much too busy surviving to bother with learning social skills played a big role. I had to learn later in life; even at age 54, I’m still learning. If you find yourself in the same situation, perhaps one of these could help. If you know of a teen or child, who could use some help with social skills, there are items on the list for them too.


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