Sharing – Families can support kids’ mental health whether they’re learning remotely or at school – here’s how

Regardless of what your kids school might look like right now, I think this article provides some interesting tips on how you can do the things you can control to support kids mental health.

Or anyone’s mental health really.

“It may feel like a stark choice between mental or physical health. But as a family therapist and professor of educational psychology who studies resilience in families under stress, I can assure you there’s no single schooling option that guarantees a happy, healthy kid or dooms a child to despair.

In fact, much more than schooling context, children’s mental health relies on high-quality relationships within families.”

There is so much right now that we, personally, have no control over. That’s frustrating, and a source of great anxiety. I think we can see how that is playing out in public with a lot of our family and friends. During this time it’s important that we make sure and not forgetting to do the things we can control, like making sure our kids feel supported in a stable family environment, whatever that family might look like. That, we can control, and as it turns out, that has the biggest impact as well. The stuff we can’t control is still there, but we can often minimize it’s impact on our mental health by taking good care of the things we can control.

Kids need that underlying support no matter what is happening outside of their home. There’s no downside.

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