Sharing – You don’t have to earn your mental health struggles

There is so much wrong with this statement, but it’s also kind of where we are.

“Yet those who feel lucky enough to have made it as far as they have — to attend a good college, to land a solid summer internship, to earn a coveted spot on a sports team or in a club — often report that coming from privilege or having access to privilege makes them feel like they should not be “allowed” to claim the diagnosis of depression because they have not “earned” it.

Several of the female undergrads I spoke with described a strong sense of guilt about reaching out to others regarding their mental health for this very reason. They feared others would take their cry for help as distasteful attention seeking.”

Yes, it’s the victim Olympics on college campuses. The more you’ve suffered, the more right you have to voice your concerns, and the more seriously they will be taken.

If, on the other hand, you really haven’t suffered enough, shut up about your problems.

Hint – mental health struggles don’t care your status, your privilege, your income, your family background, your ethnicity, or your gender. Anyone can be dealing with depression, and need help.

No one has to “earn” the right to take care of their physical health, why should mental health be any different?

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