Sharing – Parent who listens can help kids thrive despite trauma

I have talked many times about how we can make kids less of a target for abusers when they have open, caring, communication with parents. But, even with that in place, traumatic events can still happen. Well, it turns out having that parent helps kids deal better with that too:

“Worse, the negative effect on school performance increases with each additional adverse event. Kids with four or more adverse events in their lives were nearly three times more likely to repeat a grade, three times more likely to not care about school and four times more likely to shrug off homework.

However, researchers found that positive engagement with a caring parent could go a long way in offsetting the damage caused by life.”

Having a loving parent goes a long way toward helping a child maintain a sense of self worth, no matter what life may bring, and I do believe that sense of their own value is a huge part of being able to deal with the stress that can come from every day life, not just traumatic situations.

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