Link – Schools ‘should help children with social media risk’

This is something we haven’t come to grips with as adults, let alone preparing kids for it:

“Although most social media platforms have a minimum age limit of 13, the report said three-quarters of children aged 10 to 12 already had accounts.

Ms Longfield said social media provided “great benefits” to children but was also exposing them to “significant risks emotionally”.

She suggested compulsory digital literacy and online resilience lessons for year six and seven pupils, so that they learn about the “emotional side of social media”.

Parents should also prepare their children, she said, by helping them “navigate the emotional rollercoaster” of the negative aspects of social media.”

I’d agree, especially that parents need to be heavily involved along side of their kids in social media. But, that assumes that the parents are aware of how it works, and what the dangers are. Far too many aren’t, letting the kids wander in and around the various social media platforms without any understanding of what they’re doing, who they’re interacting with, or how the online community works.

That’s not good.

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