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Sharing – Sexual violence within families: – It’s not a private matter

This article, from a German source, is an important reminder –

“There is “a great reluctance to intervene in families. But sexual violence is not a private matter.” The reports of those affected showed how non-intervention led to children and young people not getting the help they needed.”

There isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t read a story in the news, or on social media that follows a similar path.

Child abused by a family member
The child tells someone in the family
The child isn’t believed or is accused of trying to embarrass the family.
Or, the child tells someone outside of the family
The child isn’t believed, or the person doesn’t want to make trouble for the parents.

Let’s be honest, none of this is good enough, and it’s why so many adults don’t tell anyone until much, much later in life. Why would they? They tried, and no one believed them.

It makes sense to keep quiet after that experience, doesn’t it?

Read more at the link.

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