Seattle Times Launching Mental Health Project

I’m not in the Pacific Northwest any longer, but if you are, or if you’re interested in learning about the issues surrounding mental health in Washington State, which I assume are going to be similar to everywhere else in the US, they will be launching a two-year project to look at mental health. In their own words:

On Sept. 19, The Seattle Times will launch The Mental Health Project, an initiative to report on the many facets of mental and behavioral health. If journalism is meant to shine a light on important issues facing society, then it’s hard to think of a more worthy endeavor at this time.

It feels like an endless list of stories to do. And that, we realize, is the point of The Mental Health Project: to focus our journalism on a vast, under-covered area that affects so many.

They are also taking suggestions about what readers want to know more about and will be doing quite a lot of research, reporting, and maybe even some interactive features. For those of you in Seattle, I’d definitely keep an eye out for the results. You can learn more at the link below:

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