Sharing – Seeking sunshine: Finding light in dark times

Naomi has put together a nice list of little things we can all look for daily. Most importantly, she starts with this one, a reminder that what I find helpful in dealing with my anxiety or whether I need support doesn’t have to match what works for everyone.


Things that make us laugh or smile can be subjective. We’re all different. If something gives us a moment of respite and doesn’t harm anyone else, then it doesn’t matter how silly it might seem. There will be things that make others smile, but not us. Some might take more energy or thinking power than we have right now. That’s okay, too.”

What little things do you find useful? Looking over the list below, a few of them work for me, time with people who care about me, humor, and finding things I can do or look forward to are among the ways I try to find the light when things look dark to me. Some others aren’t that helpful to me often. I know people who swear by some of those, though.

Whatever your light is, please keep your eyes out for it.

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