Link – I Was A Victim Of Child Abuse And I’m Not Okay

Whenever a group of people gets together and starts talking about their childhood years, I end up sitting there silently, listening to stories of loving families and wishing that I could relate. I rarely share my own stories, because honestly, there are few that are full of happiness—and who wants to ruin the fun with a sob story? Until today, I have trusted very few individuals with the specifics regarding my time as a child, but I’m tired of lying to people and constantly trying to pretend that I had a normal upbringing. I didn’t. I was abused, and later, abandoned as a child; and I’m sick of pretending that I’m okay and that it doesn’t affect me anymore—because it does.

Corri, and anyone else feeling this way, you do not have to pretend, and it’s OK for it to affect you. It has done that well into adulthood for all of us. But there is hope, and healing.

Finding your voice is part of it.

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