Link – Lakeland good Samaritan: ‘My life is tarnished’ after social media shaming

Hey remember how we were all supposed to be ashamed of ourselves after that group in England ran an experiment to see who would stop to help a lost child at a rail station?

Maybe this is why so few people stopped. This is the society we have become, where a man tries to help a little girl find her parents and gets beaten up and publicly shamed for it.

The assumption was that he must be a pedophile. I can’t help but wonder if the assumption would have been different if it was a woman, or someone who looked different, because you know, we somehow think we can pick a pedophile out by sight. If that was true, there would be a whole lot fewer children growing up abused.

There aren’t. Maybe we can’t predict who a pedophile is by sight, and maybe not every man who stops to help a lost child is kidnapping them.

So yes, be cautious about who you trust with children by all means, but let’s not start assuming people who’ve done nothing are dangerous. That’s not a good way to develop good mental health for ourselves, or our kids.

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