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Link – How Aly Raisman Is Taking Care of Her Mental Health After Sharing Her Experiences With Sexual Abuse

For all the good she has done with taking her message pulbic and using her celebrity to spread the message of all survivors, I’m glad she is also speaking out about this issue.

“The last few months I wasn’t putting myself first at all,” she told the magazine. “I was so obsessed with trying to make change and do everything that I could. Now I’m realizing that this is not going to get fixed overnight, so I still have to make time for my family and friends and, of course, myself.”

I’ve seen it time and time again, survivors who are so focused on being an advocate, or a supporter of other survivors, that they forget themselves. Usually, they burn out and I don’t really see them online anymore. That’s not helping anyone. We need to have a full life, one that being an advocate is part of, not one where being an advocate is the whole thing. It’s not healthy.


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