Sharing – Why telehealth for mental health care is working

It’s all about flexibility. As the article below points out, online appointments don’t work for everyone. They do require a stable and fast internet connection for video, and not everyone has that.

On the other hand, they also point out that not everyone has transportation to a therapist’s office, time away from work to regular travel to appointments, or the ability to get the whole family, for example, transportation to the same location.

For those folks, the switch to Telehealth that the pandemic thrust upon all of us is proving to be a godsend because they have something that was inaccessible to them previously. Even as others need a place to meet with a therapist, or simply connect better in person.

Let’s face it, with the shortage of mental health resources we’ve got going on, let’s go ahead and encourage all of these instead of having them compete against each other for acceptance. There is no “one” right way to help people with mental health, but there are a lot of people not getting any help now, so let’s focus on making anything available that we can!

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