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Sharing – Text messaging: The next gen of therapy in mental health

Interesting findings, and maybe something that shines more light around some things we’ve seen going back years about how much staying in contact with patients helps them stay connected.

“In the first randomized controlled trial of its kind, a research team investigated the impact of a texting intervention as an add-on to a mental health treatment program versus one without texting. A text-messaging-based intervention can be a safe, clinically promising and feasible tool to augment care for people with serious mental illness, according to a new study published in Psychiatric Services.

Ninety-one percent of participants found the text-messaging acceptable, 94 percent indicated that it made them feel better and 87 percent said they would recommend it to a friend.”

Have you had treatment similar to this? Would you consider it? Would it help to get regular text messages from a mental health care provider?

Have we considered how important consistent, short, communications with friends and family could also enhance treatment or provide connection for anyone struggling with stress and other mental health issues?

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