Sharing – Mental Health – Keep talking about it. Make it public and open

I 100% agree with Alison on this, we are not comfortable talking about mental health, and we aren’t comfortable even hearing someone else talk about it:

“We tend to default to ‘I’m fine’ rather than being honest.

“This is why have to normalise the conversation in mental health and destigmatise the whole mental health debate. In some circles, and I find in particular with older generations like mine, it can remain a silent topic.

“But if we are going to deal with mental health we need to be honest about it and have honest conversations.”

Similar to Alison, I have some background in training and educating adults. I know that topics that are not discussed are less than helpful. We can’t just assume that someone will pick them up on their own if we don’t cover them and explain them. Even if they make the effort they may not understand some of the underlying concepts or be able to articulate what they are learning in a useful way. Others will simply refuse to learn or get comfortable with them.

The way we fix that is by making the conversation open and available to anyone who cares to listen.

So keep speaking and keep sharing your own stories.


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