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Reasons to Share Your Story

As a survivor, there are a couple of things I honestly believe to be true of all survivors, and how we all decide to deal with our stories.

One, is that every single survivor has the right to tell, or not tell, their story in any way they want. Some do it anonymously, some don’t feel like they could go public, and others are perfectly willing to talk about their childhoods.

None of those things is wrong. For some this proves to be very helpful in healing this way, others do not get the same benefit. We’re individuals, so that’s not surprising.

On the other hand, it is absolutely vital that there are some survivors willing to be in the public. Because of statements like this one:

As an abuse survivor, I was afraid to talk about what happened to me until I was in my 30s. I doubted my perception because I was so young when the abuse began. I believed that if something that horrible was happening to me that surely an adult, someone in authority, would intervene. I never met anyone personally who was open about their own trauma history, and I felt paralyzed when it came to seeking support. I felt ashamed and worried that others would find me disgusting if they knew.

As Sarah writes about over at Psych Central, survivors need to know that there are other people out here who have dealt with, and are dealing with, the same issues that they are.

Way back in 2001, that was why I wanted to start a blog, to highlight the fact that there are people all around us who have survived childhood abuse. They come from all walks of life, all geographic locations, all races, and all economic backgrounds. I wanted anyone being abused, or who had grown up after being abused to be able to go on the internet, search for other survivors, and find a random guy talking about these issues, and linking to other survivors doing the same. At least that way, they’d know it wasn’t just them, they are not alone as a survivor.

That’s why it is important to me. Why is it important to you?

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