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Sharing – Toxic Childhood? 10 Lessons You Must Unlearn in Adulthood

If you’ve read much of anything around here, then I’m sure you’ll find it no surprise that I agree 100% with this:

The hardest part of recovering from a toxic childhood isn’t just coping with the fact that your emotional needs weren’t met or that you were actively neglected or even marginalized, dismissed, or made to feel less than; it’s coming to terms with the lessons about life and relationship you internalized and the maladaptive coping mechanisms you developed.

Often it was these beliefs and coping mechanisms that kept us going in the midst of horrible trauma, and that can make them feel very safe, almost reassuring. It’s difficult to take something that has provided us comfort for that long, turn away from it, and take a chance on believing something different. Even when we know our current beliefs are limiting us.

Be patient with yourself, but keep moving forward. You are not the person that childhood trauma taught you to be. You are so much more.

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