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Link – Mental Health Recovery in the Digital Age

Totally agree with this assessment of mental health apps.

Technology, after all, is not foolproof. An algorithm is no substitute for personal care. “We know that recovery can be a difficult, long-term process,” says Torous, who is also the director of the APA’s work group on the evaluation of smartphone apps. “People often want extra support, and these apps are really good at providing that.” The key, he says, is using technology in conjunction with a therapist. “They can help in recovery, but are best considered as tools to extend and augment care, to develop skills between therapy sessions. No one would say this should be first-line care,” he says.

We shouldn’t think of online tools as a full on replacement, but that smartphone is capable of bringing just about all of the information in the entire world to us instantaneously. Why not have it give us information and reminders that will support our mental health?


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