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Link – Taraji Henson Launches Foundation to Support Black Mental Health

Good for her. This is an issue for all people, but from what I have been reading over the years, is especially stigmatizing in the black community.

It shouldn’t be that way, anywhere.

“Empire” actress Taraji Henson is launching a new foundation in honor of her late father. The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation will raise awareness and provide support for mental health issues in the black community. The foundation’s official launch date is Sept. 22.

“BLHF is breaking the silence by speaking out and encouraging others to share their challenges with mental illness and get the help they need,”Henson wrote in a statement. “African-Americans have regarded such communication as a sign of weakness and our vision is to change that perception… Together, we will break the silence and break the cycle.”

Taraji Henson Launches Foundation to Raise Awareness for Mental Health Issues in the Black Community

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