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Link – 10 podcasts about mental health

Before my latest job change, when I was traveling all the time, I listened to quite a few podcasts. It’s a habit I’ve since gotten away from, because I’m not on planes and/or out of the country anymore, but it is something I’ve been considering getting back in to. If you’re a podcast listener and want to get information on mental health podcasts, this might be a good place to start –

“Over the course of my research, I discovered a trove of mental health podcasts. In the spirit of #InternetSelfCareDay, I rounded up some of my favorite podcasts that discuss mental health. I admire each and every one of these hosts, so I asked a few of them to share how they got the courage to speak so openly about mental health. It’s so reassuring to hear people talk openly about their struggles.”

Do you have any favorite mental health podcasts? Please share them in the comments!

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