Link – 14-year-old radio host reaches out to other sexual assault survivors

Good for her!!!!

Speaking out was a major turning point for Lilly. But not everyone around her thought she was doing the right thing.


“Some [adults] told me that it wasn’t okay to talk about this because they think it’s very confronting.”


But the results speak for themselves. Lilly has empowered countless survivors ask for help if they need it, including a Year 12 boy who Lilly supported throughout his court appearances and a 50-year old woman who had been carrying her trauma for over 30 years.


Lilly says, “All they needed was someone to listen. Someone to tell them ‘It’s okay, you’re not alone.’”

It’s no wonder so many survivors feel alone though, when adults are out there telling kids who’ve been abused that they shouldn’t talk about it. Shame on them.


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