Link – READ: An Open Letter From Someone Who Lost A Loved One To Depression

“A few days after my best friend passed away, I back read our conversations on FB. I figured that she first told me about her depression back in 2012. She said she’s been constantly feeling low and and thinks that she is suffering from depression. At that time, I had no idea what depression is. I thought it was an emotion. Guess what I told her? “It’s all in the mind.” “Think happy thoughts.” “Be positive lang. It will get better.” “You are a lucky girl, you shouldn’t be feeling that way.” “Ano ka ba? You have everything.” She has good grades. She was surrounded by friends. She was studying in a good university. She was adored by many. She is beautiful. I didn’t even try to Google what depression really is. I thought it was just sadness leveled up. I carelessly gave her those “words of encouragement” without fully understanding what she’s been going through. I was three years late.”

Don’t be late.

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