Link – Mental health difficulties start young – so why don’t we give primary schools more help?

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This is a good question in the UK, as this story lays out. It’s also a good question for everywhere else as well. I know in the US we are lacking when it comes to providing much in the way of mental health resources for kids, as well as adults. But it’s particularly problematic because if we could get to people when their issues first start to make themselves known, which is often in childhood or as young adults, the better chance we have to do something about it, and maybe they can avoid needing the resources as an adult.

Also, let’s face it, the lack of resources deeply affects children who have been abused as well. The quicker we can get those kids into a safe environment, and help them work through what happened, the better chance they have at not spending years and years of their adult life not knowing how to deal with the aftermath.

So why not have some resources in place where they could be most efficiently used?

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