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Link – ‘I couldn’t believe how scarily easy it is to be groomed’ – Coronation Street’s Bethany Platt

I’m not in the UK, but I know many of my readers are, and they are familiar with this story line on Coronation Street. Even if you aren’t though, this is universally true:

“The first time the story was mentioned I didn’t understand how Bethany could get into that situation,” Lucy said. “But the more research we did the more I could understand how young people can get into situations like that. It’s scarily easy.

“It was never something my mum talked to me about. I think it’s important that parents of young people know it’s a good thing to talk about.”

It is important that kids understand the dangers, and how to spot grooming behavior. It’s also important that adults do the research so they can spot that behavior as well!

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