Sharing – Pandemic Leaves Some Struggling with Survivor Guilt at Work

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Yet, despite all the things I don’t have to deal with, I’m freaking exhausted. I’m constantly overwhelmed with trying to find ways I can help all of the people I know who are dealing with all of these things directly, and frustrated that I can’t really help in most cases.

And, let’s face it, the world is a mess right now. There is so much uncertainty about everything. Even if, like me, you’ve been lucky enough to continue working, and stay healthy, there’s no guarantee that won’t change tomorrow, or that someone close to you won’t get sick, or lose their job. In the midst of all that uncertainty, I think it;s OK to admit that I am both grateful for what I have and where I am, but still not OK.

I don’t think anyone right now, can be faulted for not being OK, so I also don’t think any of us should feel guilty about it either.

Raise your hand if you’re also dealing, but not really OK?

Sharing – The Psycho-Physiology of Relationships: What You Don’t Know

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This is a powerful statement.

“Relationships are at the root of mental health in every way.”

For abuse survivors, we know this, even if we don’t always think about it. It’s the damage from abuse at the hands of another person that has such a huge impact on our mental health. It’s the reason when we talk about it occurring at the hands of a family member of loved one that other people struggle to believe us. That the relationship would be the source of abuse is unthinkable to people with good relationships.

But, we can also turn that statement on it’s head as well. It’s relationships that can undo that mental health damage that was done by abuse too.

Links I’m Sharing (weekly) – July 12, 2020

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Lessons in Self-Talk

When Your “Person” Has Depression

In India, the deepening of the mental health crisis

How Childhood Trauma Causes Imbalanced Growth

People in mental health crises need help, not handcuffs

What Recovering from Depression has Taught Me

Online Mental Health Treatment Shouldn’t End With the Pandemic

Surviving Your Family by Setting Boundaries

Reviews Elsewhere – 10 Best Mental Health Books That Will Completely Change Your Life

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OK the headline is a bit of a misnomer, it’s more like 10 little mini-reviews. And, I don’t know if these will necessarily change your life, because that’s a pretty steep claim to make about a book. On the other hand, this list does seem to have some pretty good books in it, some I’ve read or heard of before, some others I had not. So, there may be something on this list that catches your eye and you may want to check out. 

As Pauline says in the intro:

Mental health is a massive struggle in the United States. Add in quarantine, school, work, bullying, social media, bills, and so many other factors, and sometimes your head isn’t as quick to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whether you struggle with mental illness or you want to educate yourself – here are 10 of the best mental health books that can completely change your life

It’s always better to be educated about mental health, but right now? It might be the difference between helping yourself or someone you love, and being completely helpless. 

Try not to be helpless when so many resources are available. 

Have you read any of the books on this list? What book would you add that did actually change your life? 

Sharing – Rape trial juror won’t report her own attack after victim’s ‘horrific’ treatment

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This is pretty terrible.

“She has admitted that she is prepared to let her attacker go free because she fears going through the same ordeal in the witness box.

She said: “It was horrific to see what this poor woman was put through and, as a result, I’ll never report the man who raped me.

“I was attacked six weeks after that case and it’s because I saw that woman being ripped apart on the stand that I’ll never come forward.

“I couldn’t endure what that woman went through in court. I couldn’t face all the questions she was asked and the judgment that was placed on her.”

Suicide Prevention Hotlines Around the World

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I saw this, and tweeted about it last night, but also wanted to link it here for posterity:

More suicide prevention hotlines than I’ve ever seen collected in one place.

This also serves as a good reminder of my birthday fundraiser for the AFSP, I’m in the US so that is what I would direct people who want to help me celebrate or say thank you for running this site over the years, but if you aren’t in the US, I totally get wanted to support something local for you as well, so here’s a list of suicide prevention resources all over the world. If you want to support my birthday wish to raise money for suicide prevention but do it in your own country, please do. Then come back and let me know that you did. That will mean as much as anyone donating or sharing my fundraiser.

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