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Sharing – Setting Boundaries Emerging from Pandemic Isolation

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I have to admit, that even in a situation where I feel like I’m not in much danger of COVID-19 any longer, I’m also still feeling a ton of social anxiety. I have to decide what level of comfort I have with people, and how to communicate that to other people. I thought the tips offered in the article below make a lot of sense.… Read More

Sharing – The Mental Health Therapy-App Fantasy

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Sadly, as much as apps like TalkSpace might offer ways for people with no local therapist to find one to work with online, they still suffer from this very basic issue:

“The underlying problem of access — the fact that there simply aren’t as many therapists as there are people who need therapy — has not been solved by therapy apps so much as papered over. “… Read More

Sharing – ‘They Aren’t Who You Think They Are’

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If nothing else, I hope you’ll go read the article for two reasons. One, to recognize how difficult it can be to come forward, and have leaders dismiss your claims, so that you know how not to run any organizations that you and your kids are involved with, and two, to recognize how certain cultural values create a space for abusers. Churches rely on charismatic leaders, but without proper safeguards and oversight, you’ll attract some very charismatic evildoers too. Also, understand that environments with such a strong focus on sexual purity, create a culture where kids are desperate to not do the “worst thing” and are susceptible to this kind of grooming, not to mention a lot of shame around a very natural subject. That shame only increases the secrecy around sex, and again creates a place where secrets can thrive. DO NOT BE A PLACE WHERE SECRETS THRIVE!… Read More

Shared Links (weekly) March 28, 2021

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Bless the People Who Stuck Around After My Mental Illness Diagnosis

Dissociative Identity Disorder: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Children tricked into abusing other youngsters in ‘disturbing new trend’

Returning to pre-pandemic life: Tips to cope with fear, anxiety

My Bipolar Disorder Wasn’t Caused by a ‘Lack of Self-Control’

How to Prevent Burnout and Increase Your Resilience… Read More

Sharing – What to Say to the Person with Mental Illness

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You will not go through life never knowing anyone who is dealing with mental health issues. You might go through life never being trusted enough for anyone to tell you about theirs, but educating yourself will go a long way to being useful, and supportive, to the people you care about.

Seriously, go read it. And save it.… Read More

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