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What to Expect in Your first Therapy Session

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If you’ve never been to see a therapist, it can seem overwhelming. Maybe you know other people who’ve been and didn’t like it, or what you saw in a movie didn’t look appealing to you, or maybe you’re just uncertain of how it all works. 

So, if that is you, I wanted to share this video that Steph, from Sea Salt Rain Therapy in Canada posted on YouTube. She goes through the process of going in, filling out your paperwork, what level of confidentiality you have, and even what that first session may, or may not, mean for treatment going forward. … Read More

Sharing – New children’s book uses sea creatures to teach kids ages 4 to 8 how recognize and talk about abuse

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No, it isn’t fair that we have to have books to teach children how to protect themselves, but it’s reality. I don’t want small children to have to learn about the possibility of being abused, but leaving them uneducated and more vulnerable is not an option.

Oh, the other thing I appreciate about this book? It is focused on the danger from people the child already knows. Our “stranger danger” approach to child abuse has been terribly lacking for decades. I’m glad to see someone taking that on.… Read More

Sharing – These Maryland cops responded to mental health emergency exactly the right way

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I often talk about encounters between police and someone in a mental health crisis ending in tragedy. So it was refreshing for me to see a situation handled differently, and effectively. I also felt like it might be refreshing to share it to you as well, to see what it could look like when someone with proper training responds to these calls.… Read More

Sharing – How Trauma Changes The Brain, According To Experts

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I think this says a lot about the things we hear about survivors often. Their testimonies are riddled with muddled memories, they have a hard time not being hyper-alert all of the time, and they can often have difficulty with mood swings, and emotional outbursts.

I think it’s also important to recognize that for the last year, many of us have also been living with various amounts of trauma. COVID-19, racial and gender violence, political violence, etc, just to name a few things that we’ve all been exposed to in overwhelming fashion, and that trauma is having an impact on our brains, as we speak.… Read More

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