Ohio State

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By now you’ve heard all about the riots that followed Ohio State’s victory over Michigan, but what you may not know is how common this sort of thing has become. This got greater media coverage because the game was for … Read MoreRead More

Charity work

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I’ve decided to annouce now, despite the fact that the child abuse stuff has not been redesigned and moved over just yet, that 50% of all of my affiliate link $$ will be going to prevent child abuse. You can … Read MoreRead More

Baby stuff

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We, finally, made it over to my brother and sister in law’s last night and got to meet our little neice, Kaitlyn. She’s so tiny, at 7 lbs 11 ounces she’s very small compared to the rest of the boy … Read MoreRead More


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The conversation went well, he was shocked to find out about what all had happened, and had some questions, but it was good to get it out. On the other hand it went later than I expected so we didn’t … Read MoreRead More

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