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I got an email today from Pat McDonald of They are providing a place for abuse survivors to file a confidential report so that prosecutors can find them as they research possible victims of a molester. In their own … Read MoreRead More

Exercise update

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I was reminded by seeing the throw-away remark by Robert Scoble in a long post about the need to get some excercise to help deal with stress, that I haven’t really discussed our exercise plan here lately. So, by way … Read MoreRead More

Being inspired

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Yesterday at work I had an interesting experience. I was caught in the middle of what was quickly becoming a bit of a mess. I had reached a point of frustration with a problem and it was looking like I … Read MoreRead More

Forums offline

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I had to take the forums off-line temporarily. There’s been a security problem with the BB software. I haven’t decided if I’ll bring them back or not once the problem is fixed. I’m just not sure it’s worth the work … Read MoreRead More

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