I got an email today from Pat McDonald of They are providing a place for abuse survivors to file a confidential report so that prosecutors can find them as they research possible victims of a molester. In their own words: Project82 and The National Sexual Assault Report Database is the brain child of Katie…

Exercise update

I was reminded by seeing the throw-away remark by Robert Scoble in a long post about the need to get some excercise to help deal with stress, that I haven’t really discussed our exercise plan here lately. So, by way of an open letter to Scoble, here’s an update:

Being inspired

Yesterday at work I had an interesting experience. I was caught in the middle of what was quickly becoming a bit of a mess. I had reached a point of frustration with a problem and it was looking like I was going to have to make a trip to another building to get things straightened…


Thanks to a comment she left here today, I saw this post on Survivors can Thrive about creating an event to raise money and awareness for survivors or sexual abuse and rape. It’s certainly a big idea, but why not? Why can’t we get all these folks together to raise awareness and funds to help…

Forums offline

I had to take the forums off-line temporarily. There’s been a security problem with the BB software. I haven’t decided if I’ll bring them back or not once the problem is fixed. I’m just not sure it’s worth the work any more to keep something up to date that gets so little use for folks….