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Last week, I wrote a post on my other blog about Andy Warhol being a lifestreamer, because he took photos/video of what was going on around him and turned it into art. In that post I noted that he was smart enough to surround himself with creative and interesting people, which increased the likelihood of capturing interesting things.

Today, I was thinking about healing, and overcoming an abusive childhood and a similar thought occurred to me. If you’re working on healing, are you surrounding yourself with people who help you toward that goal, either by being supportive, understanding, or who are simply people who inspire you to reach greater heights? Or, are you surrounding yourself with people who feel comfortable, but feed into all of the behaviors you are trying to unlearn?

If the art of our lives is created by what is all around us, what are the people around you contributing to it? If they’re not contributing the things you need, find some people who do.

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