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Link – Why So Angry & Irritable? It Might Be Depression

It’s not what we usually define as depression, but it might very well be.

“The key to understanding depression is to recognize that it is a complex disorder that may show itself differently in different people. Some depression may be hidden. It’s important to recognize that anger and irritability — especially if it’s a significant change from a person’s usual behavior — may be a sign of depression that needs attention and help.”

I happen to believe this is why we miss depression in many people, and why the statistics about who gets depression are misleading. Our typical picture of depression is white, sullen, sad, and more often than not, female. Seriously, I did a quick Google image search here in the US and the returned images were almost completely devoid of anyone of color, the homeless, or much of anyone that doesn’t look like they stepped in to the job as a model. Could that be why we don’t understand that anger, irritability, acting up as children, even rage, could all be signs of depression. Because depression, to us, is a middle class white woman, and maybe sometimes a man, sitting on the end of a bed holding her head in her hands?

If that’s what depression is to you, you’re going to miss a lot of people who don’t look like that, and they aren’t going to rush out to ask for help either, because they don’t have depression like that.  That’s not good enough. Anyone with depression needs to be able to get help, even when their symptoms don’t fit the stock photo image.

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