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Consider The Time of Day When Scheduling Therapy

Let me acknowledge this first, as soon as I saw the headline of this article, I immediately thought, “who gets to choose what time of day they go to their therapy appointments? You take whatever you can get!”

Is There A Best Time Of Day For Therapy? Here’s What Therapists Say

That’s not wrong. On the other hand, I think there are some good points to consider when you choose, if you have a choice, about the time of day.

As the article mentions, there is no “best” time to go to a therapy appointment because it will be an individual choice. So much of it depends on what you’re doing in the time surrounding the appointment or when you are at your best energy-wise during the day or week.

If I may share a bit from my own experience, I never really gave it much thought. I took what was offered or worked with my schedule most of the time. Looking back on it now, I can see that there were times that were better and not necessarily for the same reasons in the article. The time of day mattered to me. I can see that now. The most growth I did during therapy was when I was going to see my therapist in the middle of the day. I had enough flexibility from my boss to take a two-hour lunch to go. The therapist’s office was a 10-15 minute drive. For example, if my appointment were at 12:30 PM, I would leave work at Noon and have a calm little drive over and a few minutes to mentally prepare myself. Afterward, I would have the same. Enough time to gather myself and then drive back to work, even to hit a drive-thru for something to eat at my desk. That extra time was important after a rough, emotional session, but also crucial for me was the limited recovery time. I didn’t have time to brood or wallow. When I would go after work, I had nothing to return to. I would just go home and wallow in what we talked about all night.

For you, that might look different. I know many folks who need serious time to decompress and process after a session. Going in the middle of the day and trying to get back to working again in 30 minutes would be impractical and frustrating. You make the choice that makes the most sense for you if you are able. Don’t be afraid to experiment and talk with your therapist if something isn’t working. Maybe you can change it up if needed.

On the other hand, in these times, if you can get an appointment, take it.


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