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It seems there is more Geocities stuff going on, they are now telling me that due to “maintenance” the site will be unavailable for the weekend of May 17-19. Sorry, but there’s really nothing I can do about it.

Had to go testify at an administrative hearing yesterday. I can’t get into details, but naturally I was testifying for one side and the other side’s attorney was trying to, I think, make some inferences in his questions that made me look bad. Needless to say, it was not at all a pleasant experience. I really retreated into a social shell right before and after the hearing, but I got through it. I spent most of last night watching hockey and just being alone and doing my thing, as did Angela by watching a movie in a different room. (She had to testify too) I think that was exactly what we both needed. I’m proud of us for getting it over with and taking care of ourselves!

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