What you don’t see

Someone recently sent me an email and talked about how “brave” I was to have this site out here, and how strong I must be to own what happened to me the way I do on here. My response, other than being very humbled and honored, was to tell this person that it’s not as…

Combining my two sides

As you know, if you’ve been reading here long, my two blogs really, to me, represent the two different sides of me. My tech blog is, obviously, my geeky, technical side, while this blog is more about my emotional, sensitive and creative side. Well, now with my new birthday present, a Minolta X700 SLR camera,…

New link

A new entry to the blogroll, under the abuse survivor wing you’ll find Leah’s Survivor/Thriver weblog. As always, I’m open to other suggestions of blogs for the “Inpirational Blogs” wings!

Makes you sad

Is there anything more sad than watching someone suffering from depression and being unable to see their own talents and skills? Someone who’s view of themselves is so low that they don’t even try anymore because they can’t see themselves being successful at anything. Or is it just me, looking back, knowing that I’ve been…


Angela and I went to Chickamauga National battlefield memorial while we were in Chattanooga over the weekend. There’s something about standing in a place where 34,000 men lost their lives over the course of just a few days that really puts all of life’s little problems in perspective.