Happy New Year

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Angela and I are spending a quiet New Year’s Eve at home, which is just fine with me, being with her is the only place in the world I would choose to be on any special occasion. As we look … Read MoreRead More


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There’s nothing like a disaster happening over the holiday weekend to remind us not to take anything for granted. We are not guaranteed anything in this life, and we should cherish each day for what it is, and consider ourselves … Read MoreRead More

Painless upgrades

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Just finished doing upgrades of both the Movable Type installation that this blog runs on, and of the software the forums run on. The new version of Movable Type is aimed at helping with comment spam and server issues surrounding … Read MoreRead More


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OK, ok, I admit it, I’ve been a slacker when it comes to this site. I’ve been extremely busy at work, and extremely busy with holiday stuff that I simply haven’t really had time to think any deep thoughts that … Read MoreRead More

On a personal note.

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Today at work, one of my co-workers mentioned to me that her husband was just “in love” with my wife. Now before you assume this is some big scandal, I should probably tell you that they’re an older couple who … Read MoreRead More

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