I don’t get it

You know what I don’t get? I don’t get people who are constantly unhappy with their lives, and never do anything to make a change. I mean, really, if your life is so horrible and frustrating, do something else. Happiness doesn’t just happen, it requires action on our part. If you’re unhappy and constantly complaining about something in your life, and you’re not at least trying to make a change for the better, it’s really hard to have much sympathy for you.

And if you’re suffering from depression and not doing something about it, go do something! It won’t “go away” on it’s own. It’s your own responsibility to get help, and it’s your own responsibility to find happiness.

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  1. Dan,

    But I can give you credit for trying to do something, and not stopping until you found what you needed. Not everyone even starts down that road, and that’s a tragedy. On the other hand, it would be nice if people seeking help could find it easily!

  2. Trouble over here (UK) is finding the support when you decide that you are going to do something about it, especially when trying to find a support group for CSA. When I found the support and started talking about my past sexual abuse I started to recover or learn to live with my stigma and depression, (I wasnt aware of my depression as I had drunk alcoholically for most of my adult life). It took a long time to find that support for my past CSA even though there was a servive for survivors in the same town where I live. The mental health team were not aware of this, seeing four different consultants assigned to our county as we didnt have a psychiatrist in our locality at the time, they were all locums was not all that helpful either, it was not easy to get a definate diagnoses of my PTSD, that has now been rectified. Although I no longer attend AA I still try to live by the maxim “One day at a time” – Dan

  3. Ahh…I was beginning to think I am was the only one who thought this way. It must be our (somehow) family connection.

    As a social worker, I see so many not wanting to be depressed, but not wanting to take the necessary steps to work on the depression. I don’t pretend that it is an easy road to walk, but it is so difficult to have people just complain that they want to be happy but do nothing.

    We all want to be happy, but most don’t even know what that means. For some, happiness could bite them in the rear and they wouldn’t know it. People are so preoccupied with being sad that they have no peace, no joy, and no happiness.

  4. Marie,

    Maybe it’s an Irish thing if not genetic, eh? 🙂

    Seriously, ever since my own dealings with social workers I’ve not wondered at all about why the burn-out rate is so high in that occupation. I’m sure for every one client that you can help, and is willing to work at it, you have plenty who are just waiting for you to “fix” things for them. That’s unfortunate, because for the folks who really need help and are willing to take it, you can be a tremendous resource.

  5. Then there are those of us who are burdened with the ups and downs of mental illness,bipolar.Where in we have no choices in the matter and our highs lead to our lows and our lows lead right back to our highs and so on,and on…,I would love to get off the roller coaster.I survived child abuse,sexual,physical,and mental.I am in therapy,have been on medication for about 10 years and I just want you to knowsome people feel as if they don’t have any choices,you know.Even if they do it’s amazing how helpeless you can feel in side your own head.

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